Friday, April 01, 2011


I led 3 lives... Juini Booth named this band about 5 years ago. Juini Booth has played with almost everyone in the jazz biz. From Joe Henderson to Freddie Hubbard to Sun Ra and many more . What I understand is that the band he is praising the most out of every band he played with is the Tony Williams Lifetime band. Juini was in the this legendary band in the early 70's. I don't know the exact history but I guess Tony Williams started this band when he stopped playing with Miles Davis and started his own journey. The story is that Miles was looking for Juini at the time to join Miles band or at least play around a bit , but Juini as always was hard to locate....a man of his own . To play with Juini is always an exciting experience. It feels fresh , inspiring and new . Some ideas are pre-composed , a few themes , but the music is in the moment. And within this concept we make it dancy rather than jzzy . Kinda crazy combination , but that's what we are looking for , to find new directions , cause if we just dwell in what has happened we will end up like a Lincoln Center type of band and concept and that's not the idea of Nublu.

So , anyway , ye , this was Juini's idea to do his version of his trip , as Tony did with his . This is the reason why we formed I led 3 lives... We have one album out so far and we are planning on another one in the next few months . I haven't heard any other album with this kinda sound to it. I almost want to call it Jazz-clubbing....check it out . on the Nublu site or iTunes or something . Sabina Sciubba sings on 1 track , called Curious red.

Back to Nublu....great vocalist Sasha Dobson sang solo today the first set.

Here in the pic's are Marla Turner who sang a little bit with us , Gabriel Gordon came by who sings a few tracks on the up and coming Wax Poetic album .

see ya all tonite ...

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