Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sunday nite here at Nublu was Avishai Cohen 's band again . Often we do a run with bands here, meaning they do let's say every Sunday in a month or every Tuesday etc...and if real success and availability is there then the run might continue. So this month Sundays is Avishai Cohen's new project . They sound great , they're keep exploring some compositions with some beat-heavy monsters.. Mark Giuiliana and Yuval Lion on drums are really beating up a storm. Cool !!

Mark.s own band , Mark Giuliana's Beat Music, opened the evening that also featured Nir Felder on guitar ...this set was also very cool and beatheavy .

Avishai's syster Anat Cohen was playing tonite with them as well . Sunday nite dj Vladi always spinns an eclectic and fun set of music and he is actually a great great photographer with that special special eye. ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeee, new weeks begins NOW !!

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