Tuesday, April 05, 2011


NYC is really trippy . After all those years here in the city all you realize is this , NYC is really trippy ...in every way .Anyway , so this band tonite was trippy . Yet another immensly talented band that is currently growing into something who knows what , all I know is that it felt good. And people came down on a rainy cold tuesday nite without knowing anything .People ended up discovering something . Isn't that a beauty in the end?

Kenny Brooks and Jorge Continentino made me feel I was showing off to friends some music similar to Elvin Jones' Live at The Light House . That's a historic record especially for saxophone players , but others as well ofcourse. I always sense a smell of success when the nite is able to seduce some brand new faces and brains into what we do around here. Today was a day like that . A lot of new curious, interesting minds got together and shared some moments....

Art. music .wine . good folks .new fresh good music . ...sounds like a plan.....

In the pic's .. Green Lotus , Madrid Tatoo girls ,(Bday party !!!), Dj Dodo spinns DUB and Masta drummer Jojo Meyer, after party at neigbours , Zeke , guitar man from the up and coming Wax Poetic as well as now touring with Diego Garcia.

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