Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I was thinking quietly again about music..... Most of you all know there are 12 notes in the music we are listening too. Western culture's musical alphabet is 12 , that's it ! And then there's rhythm.....

But rhythm does exist in most music. So all we do, listen and hope for is a combination that makes more sense than a previous combination? And within this we try to master -mind yet another combination to make a step further. Is this it? Then a few cultures have a few more notes inbetween those 12 so it multiplies the scheme. Thinking and listening to those combinations all life most likely makes us think within those parameters All we want is to be free but then we realize it's all about combinations . Whether youre deal is music or youre deal are numbers, doesn't really matter at some point.

....but there are Cats , Dogs , Flowers and Snakes with a spirit of its own . So does this go within the folder of numbers or it has a special way of it's own......tell me something good ! ..oh ohhhh

So ye Forro played some real nice combinations tonite ...and Greg Caz made sure once again that Tim Maia is really a saint !

In the pic's are Mauro far away , peeps dancing, Byron da man and some finger art !!

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