Thursday, March 31, 2011


After last nites grand party it almost felt impossible to start up another one . Especially in a cold drizzling nite here in the city where they said it might snow !! But Rich Medina , Nu-Mark and Greg Caz were beat battling all nite. Those guys are real dj musicians . Professional dj's is really something else. And to me especially dj's like this , who are always in search of something , not necessarily new but always in search of something in the library of music. Some dj's create their thing , perfect it and make their shows accordingly and other dj's are in constant search of mix matching the moment. Those three guys are definetly in the latter category ...

Underground Horns started off the nite with a real nice set and crowd. Those guys started off playing lots in subways ( thats where they got their name from) . They're starting to sound real good. Rock on !!

In the pics ..DJ Legend Rich Medina , Greg Caz and Aaron from Bastard Jazz, Nu Mark, Underground Horns and a flyer from Nublu Istanbul.

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