Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Brazil's main city is one huge crazy city. If compared to the US someone told me ; Sao Paulo is Brazil's NYC , Rio Brazil's LA , Recife Brazil's San Fransisco and Salvador Brazil's Miami . There's some truth to that in many ways . And yes Sao Paulo is exciting like NYC , maybe even more , seems to me less rules and laws that is put upon us all. This city is full of street art , clubs , cafees, art galleries ... kinda boiling in a different way than the US , Europe and Istanbul.

We played a show at Studio SP as Love Trio with guests...was real fun. Dengue and Lucio Maia from Nacao Zumbi rocked and Rodrigo and Taylor McFerrin sounded real smooth. Afterwards we went with Taty, who's by the way the daughter of the great performer/musician Ney Matogrosso, to late late nite club The Edge. I guess NYC was like that in the 80's .The party at the Edge went on til 7 am then continued on their rooftop.

Nublu in NYC last nite was also boiling ....with Forro in the Dark drumming and dancing up a storm. Norah Jones, Ana Carolina, Maria Gadu, Chiara Civello and Esperanza Spaulding came by. All amazing vocalists...

In the pic's ..Taylor Kenny Wollesen and Talita , Taty at the rooftop of the Edge, soundcheck at Studio SP, Lucio Maia and Alerto Continentino,writer Xico Sa and Ceu, great singer Siba, Kenny Wollesen and Art director Renata, Tony and drumemr friend who i forgot the name of , Criolo great new vocalist /rapper, Taylor and Jair Oliveira.

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