Friday, March 18, 2011


I really have to get a better camera or rather maybe stop trying to use my phone to take pics. I had so many great pic's from last nite but theyr'e all dark. Maybe the pic's reflect the world , I duno. Just so sad to wake up and see that while the world is trying to understand the scope of Japan's crisis that is quickly becoming all our crisis , we are bombing another country yet again. Who are those people making all those crazy decisions..? I think they had enough time in the past 50 years to structure our society that obviously has some serious flaws in all kinds of directions. To start we should BAN nuclear energy...isn't it obvious how crazy this is?!! Meanwhile, here at Nublu we continue spreading some love through music...

Petrit of Nublu Records is in SXSW in Austin for the marathon showcases with our signed band Calibro 35. They're a hot band from Italy , check them out !!

Last nite we had Toni K dj'ing and her crowd of wild girls dancing all nite . I led three lives played a rocky set with Toni's friend sitting in on some vocals . Earlier set of the evening was by Jesse Harris, the composer of many Norah Jones songs. I went earlier in the evening to the beautiful Bowery Hotel where singer /songwriter Diego Garcia had a showcase. 2 of the band members , Jochen Rueckert and Zeke Zima, Nublu boys with him time to time. It was cool dramatic latin pop. It's interesting to me while the world is seeing harder times in general and younger crowds seeming to have less and less money to spend but more and more fancy boutique hotels is the "in" places to go to . Not only in NYC but also Paris, Istanbul , Sao Paulo and I guess everywhere, this trend of hanging out at hotel bars...very strange indeed ! I guess it is like a drug , people get their quick fix feeling of fanciness. oh well.....

Tonite Love trio is back to play although our bassman Jesse Murphy is on a small tour with Regina Carter . Legendary bassman Juini Booth will play the bass tonite with us instead.

Here in the pic's from last nite is Diego Garcia and band at the bowery Hotel. At Nublu, multi media artist Kino, photographer/DJ Vladi with nublu doorman/boxing champion/artist Rich, some new Petar art and Toni K and friend.

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