Saturday, March 19, 2011


The nite of the super moon. We all thought something might happen , something scary , but the nite was flowing and we dedicated the music to the moons....

Federico Aubele who will soon start touring his new record came by and is in the pic. Mehmet from the club Babylon , Istanbul ,visiting after 2 confusing overloaded days apparently in Austin's SXSW. Legendary bassman Juini booth was on bass since Jesse was away for the weekend. Juini has quite a history for all of you who doesn't know. He has pretty much played with everyone who matters in the jazz scene...since the late sixties Joe Henderson's big band to Freddie Hubbard , then Art Blakey and McCoy Tyner, then onto Sun ra and Steve Grossman and inbetween a member of the elite band ...Tony Williams' Life Time band. He has pretty much done it all .
Juini and Kenny Wollesen in the last pic.

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