Friday, March 25, 2011

CALIBRO 35 !!!

This band visiting us from Italy is a very special band . They have a chemistry that makes this whole thing make total sense. Italians playing funky Italian soundtrack music 70's style. It just seems so natural for them to riff away with the esthetics of just that , Italian car chase music. I think they surprised everyone with being so tight and really having a show, although no bank -robber- stockings this time around. But yes they totally rocked the house , and we want them back !

Alex from Tokyo was spinnin' the nite away with his eclectic style of dj'ing . Not everyone knows how to dj by "playing the room" . I find that many dj's have their thing prepared and many times they seem to forget to play the energy of the nite and the room , but ye Alex always does this !

Here in the pic is the keyboard/sax/flute man from Calibro 35 Enrico , some peeps dancing , John Farris , the East Village poet who has been living in the neighborhood since 1958 stopped by to show us some of his latest drawings .

See ya all Saturday nite for Love Trio...

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