Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tuesday Night in the big Apple..

Bloomdaddies were on tonite. A band that got their start I think around 1993 /94 ...still in my head considered part of the younger guys in the scene ..but I guess time flies. Chris Cheek and Seamus Blake are truly saxophonists extraordinaire...they have played with who's who in the jazz scene , and now it seems this electrified band will have a return . They will play here a few more tuesdays in march and then continue on with some steady monthly shows...Dan Rieser and Tony Mason , the 2 drummers of the band also drummers extraordinaire and Jesse Murphy on da bass.

Nublu has been fortunate with having so many great musicians play here ... counting exactly who and what instrument is very difficult , but I think drums is the winning one , considering Kenny Wollesen ,Aaron Johnston , Deantoni , Jojo Meyer, Jochen Rueckert, Jeff Ballard, Tony Mason, Shawn Pelton, Dan Rieser, Marko Djordjevic, Bill Dobrow, Clarence Penn, Greg Hutchinson , Daniel Jodocy, Anthony Pinciotti....all play regularly here. And Im sure I forgot quite a few . This is kinda amazing . And with percussionists Mauro Refosco, Arto Tuncboyaciyan , Gilmar Gomes and Davi Vieira, this is a heavy arsenal !!!

Vana , a great pianist , who actually featured this week with the Lincoln Center Big Band with Wynton and all, played tonite. Catch him there this week !!! His trio sounded classy and cool and was nice to hear him on the Rhodes. Vana is also playing lots these days all over the world with Paquito D'Rivera and he is also Ute Lemper.s musical director.

Here are some pics...all a bit dark , but maybe someone can figure it out... Vana , Bloomdaddies, and a piece of a drawing on the wall by our own Petar Podzemaljac.

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