Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tonite was a real musician nite here. Matt Penman and Aidan , both bassists, Jojo Meyer and Chinas hottest drummer, Mico ,in the picture. Then more great drummers , Jochen Rueckert , Dan Rieser and Tony Mason, the latter 2 from the Bloomdaddies. Saxophonists Seamus Blake and Chris Cheek , and bassist Jesse Murphy are also in that band . It was kinda the first band out around here that started messing with pedals and making it electric in a diffrent kinda way. I think the band started playing already back in 1993. Bloomdaddies sounds to me something like an elecctric mix with Warne Marsh/ Lee Konitz kinda melodies with Led Zeppelin kinda releases all played on the above mentioned instruments. . Psychadelic but very organized and the players being so good, it just makes everything flow like its the easiest normal song you ever heard.

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