Thursday, March 03, 2011

Forro In the nite...

Forro in the Dark was one of the first bands out of Nublu , meaning one of the first bands that were born here. One day a few years ago I met this man outside Nublu , daytime, and he was a bit out of his mind so I didn't know what to make of the situation. But then he kissed the door and said my grandmother and grandfather used to have a bakery here and in the recession years they used to give bread to everyone in need. He said , this is a blessed place ..and I said , I know.

That's how it feels on most days here but every wednesday the energy is just very positive and Forro in the Dark and DJ Greg Caz have created a real good and warm sound here. Mauro Refosco , Jorge Continentino , Davi Vieira , Guilherme Monteiro and Ze on can't go wrong with that . They all have individually played with so many great Brazil artists that I don't even want to start name dropping because wednesdays with Forro in the Dark is what it's all about now. The cool thing is really what they've done to the music , besides being great instrumentalists Forro in the Dark have created some sort of hybrid which is not easy to do, in a way that it makes sense. But they've done it and I guess that's why rain or shine peeps are here waiting for it. Pinar is back , and Laura is back !!!

Byron is on the photo, and Petar..Nublu artist in residence..and Laura..

And not to forget NUBLU JAZZFEST starts in Istanbul this friday ..til March 12th ....but you know what the craziest thing is ...right now in Turkey government has shut down all blogging no one can even read this blog from there...pretty crazy times eyyy.

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