Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I guess I sound proud but it's the truth , even on a Tuesday it rocks at Nublu. Great peeps , great music , great dj's....where else in the world . It's not that I want to compare..I guess it's more of a way of saying it . Where else...

In the pic's Jojo Meyer and friend, Toni K and friend , and Tonik K and Dj DODO spinns DUB , Petar and Catiana ...and Raja and band rocked !

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Felt like a loong weekend here in NYC , and hot it is now...weather wise, and ofcourse music wise.

Vandana Jain , our new songstress at Nublu played the early set on Friday with Shawn Pelton on drums, who's the drummer of Saturday Night Live, and great guitar man Ted Kumpel. Vandana sounds a bit like Patti Smith I think ..cool ! Then we played as I led 3 lives Friday nite, usually the drum wizard Jochen Rueckert plays drums in that band but he's on tour so another drum wizard played with us , Jojo Meyer, and great dj Brennan Green was spinnin his eclectic sounds.

Saturday nite Underground Horns , a Balkan inspired horn heavy band opened the nite and I played the late set with Aaron Johnston and Didi Gutman of the formerly Brazilian Girls , as I guess we have to say it like that now. Kenny Wollesen and Jesse Murphy was away on tour with other bands so original Love Trio didn't happen , next Saturday ! Modest P was spinning great as usual, keeping the people interested and partying. Some dj's make the sound system full and wide and Brennan and Modest P are totally doing this . Summer is here !!

Sunday nite with tomorrow being holiday the party peeps came out ...Brazilian Aliens AKA Brazilian Girls rocked out some new tracks and had this girl Gala singing 1 song with them , sounded real cool. Eleanor Dubinsky opened the nite and Vladi spun exotic songs and actually Nublu tracks all nite long...

Friday, May 27, 2011


I don't know if Gil Scott Heron ever came to Nublu . It feels like a place he probably would have enjoyed. I had been talking to his manager about doing a collaboration with Nublu Orchestra conducted by Butch Morris. It didn't get realized this life time but let's do it next time around. .... I just think Butch and Gil Scott would have made some great music together. We almost brought Gil Scott Heron to the Nublu jazzfestival in Sao Paulo this past november , but he didn't feel well so it never happened. To me Gil Scott Heron felt so NYC , dark side of the city, the real hard side of the city , always felt like that to me. Another brilliant poet , Saul Williams, whom I used to work with in my band Wax Poetic, always gave me this same feeling like Gil Scott Heron was projecting. The strong conscious reality speaking poetry . I really love many of Gil's records and his last is brilliant. The remix collaborations are great as well. Long live Gil Scott Heron. The Revolution will not be Televized. Tonite , tomorrow and the next day we play for you....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It was a nice nite , Forro in the Dark did it one mo time. Mr Monteiro , Guilherme, is touring with Bebel Gilberto so Avi played guitar instead, sounding great ! Aaron Johnston from the Brazilian Girl's crew sat in on drums .

Nice vibes last nite, a party of Iranian's , some Serbian girls who are working with Kusturica, some other girls from Latvia, of course some locals ...and Greg , our wednesday nite DJ, turned 40 ! Saladu Saladu turned something yesterday as well !

Ze Luiz and band opened the nite and then Forro went on...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today 5 records Iv'e done are coming out . The reason and story goes like this ....The first one here is brand new , called Afternoon in Rio, It's a psychadelic -moody , recorded in Rio , edited in NYC and mixed and mastered in Sa Paulo. I did this on one of my trailblazing trips in Brazil with Kenny Wollesen . It features the coolest new Brazilian artists. The second record here is Love Trio's first release titled "Just trying to spread some more love " This one as well as the next three were done a few years ago but has never been properly released because I signed some stupid contract a few years ago with another label that didn't let me release those until contract was over ... and now it is . So here you go, the record that sat the tone for Nublu. With guests Dj Logic , Marla Turner and Eddie Henderson.

Wax Poetic's first album , which was done in 1999 has the same story behind it . It was never properly released and since the song Angels with Norah Jones was licensed within that same contract we could never release this album as a whole until today ! This record also has Kurt Rosenwinkel, Marlon Browden , Arto Tuncboyaciyan , Eddie Henderson and more more on it .

The 4th record out today is a record I did with some great gypsy musicians from Istanbul , Husnu Senlendirici, Nuri Lekesizgoz, Mehmet Akatay , and my boys from here Matt Penman , Jochen Rueckert and Thor Madsen . It also features Nil Karaibrahimgil ( who after this record became a star in Turkey) Dilara Sakpinar who now is the lead singer of the band 123 in Istanbul and Bora Uzer , the very talented Istanbul vocalist/musician.

The last record that is out today is a record that was just released in Turkey for a brief period but now released here . It's a more jazzy toned album that features Brian Blade , Larry Grenadier, Jon Davis, Val and poet Saul Williams.

CHECK THEM OUT !!! They are all available now on itunes and ofcourse on our digital store you can find on www.nublu.net ...

Ilhan Ersahin's Afternoon in Rio - Ondas

Ilhan Ersahin's Afternoon in Rio - Ondas by nublu

Love Trio - Love

Love Trio - Love by nublu

Monday, May 23, 2011


This is another video that came to my mind , made by Chantal Ughi in 2006. She is amazing and currently kick boxing away in Thailand , and she is a champion there ! I guess I have Wax Poetic on my mind because we are releasing a single from our new album June 21 . I will post around the time it happens .. but for now a song called Beauty which is from the album Copenhagen that features the wonderful Marla Turner.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


This is a video we shot just around the time Nublu opened . Almost 9 years ago... It's by Wax Poetic , the song is called Angels and the lead vocalist is Norah Jones.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


So , last time we had a police visit was almost 3 years ago, if I remember right. They all came together this time , a raid as they call it , health dept, fire dept, police dept, etc... they came in at 3 am and closed us down . The reason they said and what the ticket says is that the curtains at the exit are too heavy . I totally understand if this is the rule , the thing I don't get is that I have had and every establishment has had individual inspections by each dept. The curtains have never been a problem. Yes the curtains are heavy for sound proofing , and they are flame proof. So they closed us down for having too heavy curtains. Kinda wow !! But I am hopeful we will open again on Monday .

Friday, May 20, 2011


Became a real wild nite here at Nublu. Kim Thompson , the drummer of Beyonce , drummed up a storm with rapper/lyricist Malik Work, Vandana Jain and Jen Dale played and sang the early sets.
Toni K ,the Dj of nite , rocked , always been great but this nite she took it higher, high high energy , nice Toni K !!! And we all are tryin to take it higheeeerrrrrr....to feed the gods .

That was our Friday here in NYC ... how was yours ?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I went to see my friend Jose Gonzalez tonite at Bowery Ballroom . He performed there as Junip , which I believe is what he's performing as these days. They played Nublu jazzfest in Istanbul 2 months ago, was cool. While standing outside Bowery Ballroom , a NYC concert venue ,looking at the schedule , I just went wow, who are all those bands . Earlier in the day I also checked some summer festivals and I was again like , wow all those bands , where do they come from. I think this indie period we're in right now is fantastic in so many ways, but it also makes one feel a bit like; everyone is a musician and everyone is an artist. Sometimes a great thought but sometimes just feels weird when art is becoming so general in a way that it seems quality is secondary.

In the pic's , the beautiful songstress Vandana, Clark Gayton and his tuba, my friend Jose Gonzalez played at Bowery Ballroom as Junip , great DJ Alex from Tokyo, Buddha bar /Wonderwheel records producer Zeb.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


For you who still don't know about this party , I just have to say ...you're late ! But not too late , cause they're still rocking every Wednesday here at Nublu .

Here are three Forro in the Dark videos,, enjoy !!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Brooklyn rider is a superb string quartet that has played at Nublu on and off since 4 years. Tonite was their record release party with an album dedicated to the complete Philip Glass quartett's. They're excellent , check out their new record !!

Marla Turner and twin brother Marlon Browden went up on stage and did 2 songs. Marlon has been living in Berlin last few years , but now back . cool ! Marlon was the drummer on my first Wax Poetic album , and he just recorded with Cat Stevens , 6 tracks for his next album.

Raja Kassis and his friends played after a great set of african/dubby grooves, all excellent musicians ...go Raja !! ...and DODO spun DUB .

Monday, May 16, 2011


For me, tonight was an almost epic experience . Hearing Andy spinn The Specials, some Lou Reed, some Stones , some Smiths , all very selected tracks.

So , ye , Andy in the house making the mood all his through Nublu and it felt right , all the way . "Mirror in the bathroom" by the Specials just brought back so many memories from that scene , The Clash , Madness, The Specials, Sex Pistols, Bad Manners, UB40 , all those bands I saw live in Stockholm early 80's. And then came the Smiths.....and here was the man tonight. Andy , thanks , let's play !

In the pic's ...Andy Rourke Trilogy , Byron ,who might change my life, and Petar , Dark but cool pic of Andy , Dodo , Petar and Byron , Petar as joker ( Byron said ; Petar you are a joker , Petar responded ; jokers had an important place in the King's court...)