Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar's Nite !!

So 1 more year passed. Oscar's nite is almost like New Years...almost , like one of those days you just have to submit too. Not that I am fan of it all but I guess one has to look wazup in that world too, afterall it does spread sound , images and culture all over this little planet....

So , as my answer to this nite I would like to premier a song from a band I produced from Istanbul. I'm sure none of this gang were watching Oscar's nite. Not only because the time difference but simply because they're not interested in things that are vain...and in the end , it is all about vanity. The name of this band is Siyasiyabend .They were the featured band in Fatih Akin's movie called "Crossing the bridge" and this band has never released a cd before , although they have been playing the streets of Istanbul for the past 15 years. "I am honored , thank you to the Academy and thanks to all of you who made this all happen"..."My Oscar goes to the band Siyasiyabend ", from a great city called Istanbul . Nublu records will be proud of the release of this record in early April. I wish I had a proper translation to Murat's lyrics , I guess you all have to speak Turkish or I guess you just have to feel this man . Murat is as profound and brilliant as Jim Morrison in my opinion...a walking icon in the undergrounds of the alleys of Istanbul and a man who sits in cafees and discusses politic's and history with the elders, wrestles with the Police, literally, and fights for the peoples rights ...with his fists and his mind .

Power to the people .....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday nite in the City ....

New York City is a crazy place , it really is many artists and dreams hasn't come around to this city , the big city of dreams...... is it the source ? It is a constant debate among people living here , and amongst so many people that kinda live here.
Sometimes I feel it is the most discussed subject ... foreigners who either visit or whom you'll meet while traveling are also obsessed with this subject . And somehow especially while meeting none New York living people they love to say that they think the golden years of NYC is over .....I really wonder why.

Today I saw the movie "All about Eve" with Betty Davis, Anne Baxter and the young Marylin Monroe...amazing movie and amazing acting , and all in NYC..the good old NYC , but you know what? NYC still has the same dilemmas and dramas and careers nowadays as it had back then . It just felt fresh somehow to see NYC in those days , them meeting in Gramercy Park's Cub Room and knowing and seeing all that how it was then and how NYC is still boiling with hopes and excitement and poetry....never stops ...

Today Andy Rourke from the band The Smiths came to hang out with his lady . Federico Aubele with partner Nat who is one of the singers with Thievery Corporation also came by . Federico has an excellent new cd out on ESL records titled Berlin 13...check it out !!. Jana Andevska who sang the song "Beautiful Drug" for Thievery's last record was there as well, and she keeps talking about how she might move back home to Czeck that how you say it? anyways , hope she stays around here ...

Another special gentleman who has been in a hole with the Strokes for the last 3 years peeped in . He's The Strokes new album producer and live sound man , and seems to be doin everything with them these days . He needed some rock n roll rest and came by and had some beers.. Swede Gus Oberg . .....and love trio kept playing " just trying to spread some more love" was kinda a celebration cause this week finally after 7 years of contractual mishap our first cd was finally returned to us . It was never released just because a stupid record label licensed one song from it which in return made the whole record locked up til now !!! I guess I signed something stupid back then.....but hey hey now its ours and that one is actually titled " just tryin to spread some more love" cause that is simply what were that record will be released in may for the first time in its entirely , but we will meanwhile in march record our 3rd album !!!

awrite then .. tomorrow its Oscars ..or today tonite rather .. then Bato the Yugo and his gang , Bato also on his way to become a father...

pics are gus oberg and jesse murphy of the love trio; petar the nublu artist in resident ...we will come back many times to his work and persona; fernando otero , who's been playing here every saturday lately before love trio...this man is an amazing piano player and he just won a latin grammy for his last cd. Jana Andevksa, Federico Aubele and Nat Clavier are there in the pic as well....
see ya laters ...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clark Gayton's exploration in Dub..

I know this video is complete;y dark, I guess it is too dark for nublu and iphone to work together, but at least you'll hear Clark's Tuba ...this man and band is really truly rockin the house. Clark and the other guys in the band have played with who's who in the reggae/Dub scene and Clark has actually done that in many different scenes. Clark has played and is playing with Skatalites, Levon Helm , Bruce Springsteen , Sting , Liza Minneli, Mingus Big Band and the McCoy Tyner Big Band , he also sits in with the Saturday night Live band ..the TV show..Tonite Shawn Pelton from that band was here hanging and checkin the band . Im amazed how all those guys are so pro and still always when they play they play as they never play !! always exciting , always something to learn from .

And Clark with that Tuba ..he is as far as i know a great Trombone playa , but he can swing that Tuba as it was as easy..
Clark keeps on knockin that Dub/Ska sounds !! Fabio Morgera passed by saying he will be a father, congrats Fabio !!! Alex from Tokyo always spinns amazing sets , nice when dj's are really musical and they make the turntables into live instruments, Alex is one of those guys, and he was excited talking bout he is going to the Nublu Jazzfest in Istanbul, which we' re doin there march 4-12. We're using 3 venues this time around. Babylon , which is a big nice club with a great sound system, where we're doin 5 nites. Plus 9 nites at Nublu istanbul and 2 nites at Lucca, which is more of a Resatuarant/Lounge ...Babylon is a bigger club and Nublu Istanbul is kinda like the club here in NYC , nice and mellow where it can get bumpy at times..

What I really love about New York, I came to think about it right that today as an example was a regular friday , no holiday or special promoted event , just a nice regular friday nite at Nublu ...and I was not even that party on . just being mellow, but even at that stage I met today people from my home country Sweden, peeps from Buenos Aires, 2 gentleman from Nigeria ... friends of friends, 2 friends from Jamaica , 1 guy from Midwest , 1 guy from Greece ...isnt that amazing somehow, I think only in Manhattan , and one gets so used to this that its just the most normal thing til you start thinking about it . Dodo was there. our DUB dj on most Tuesdays dancing to Clark's Tuba rasta . She is also now working with Serge Becker , in his new Jamaican restaurant ...and her old Dub/Reggae covers are gracing the tables and walls over there I heard. havent been there yet , soon come...

peace out !!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

This just in ..

Nublu Istanbul was selected no 1 bar/place /spot where to go midweek...a list out of 10 hottest /coolest places to go to weekdays, the daily News paper Hurriyet....which is the biggest news paper in Turkey and Istanbul....Congrats Nublu Istanbul !!!!

Supla and friend

1 mo time !!!

the nite at nublu is not yet finished but i have now dedicated myself to write something daily ..or so, ... so heres my report.. The Brothers of Brazil did it one mo time here at Nublu . The band that was supposed to play , Bloomdaddies , canceled on me last nite or maybe we all messed up, but anyway they'll be here next today !!. I asked Supla and Joao last nite if they wanted to come and play since we didnt have a band scheduled due to the cancelation. So , they came by and did a set .. in front of not as many peeeps as last nite but there were some nice people there . a nice crowd with lots of girls actually with long legs and skinny tight jeans .. Sao Paulo style...there to check the Brothers of Brazil. I think they have a great show . Its actually funny !! Interesting when music is funny isn't it ? Ok then I went downsatirs to check out wazp , and kino , 9, was sitting there hanging out with Vladi. or Vlada or Vladee...a man with many variations of his name... check out his videos under the name DADALITES on youtube. Great photographer and great video shooting man !!

And 9 , or kino, he goes by both names , or perhaps a few more...but his band is called KiNo..and its a fabulous adventure collaborated with Jeff Blankensopp. a man who worked with Pink Floyd in the 70's on soundscapes . 9's band KiNo is in a very exciting moment I feel , ready to burst out with real lyrics and interesting song forms . He has a few websites of them is ....check that too. I will try post my 1st picture to this blog . lets see if I manage...its a photo from tonite of Supla and friend...What else..rainy here , freezing in Stockholm , warm in Rio, medium in istanbul, thats what I heard...and terrible terrible times in Libya....Let's make some good music !!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Im a blogger now !!!!

Friends , community , music lovers and nublu music people....i decided to start writing here to get away from only posting things and relying on facebook..etc...lets post things here from nice events and thoughts around the world...

so.. last nite at nublu was kinda crazay...bebel gilberto, eugene from gogol bordello,The brothers from Brazil which is Supla and his brother joao suplicy were all here. Those brothers have this crazy vierd party band . or rather duo where they punk out party songs...Eugene looked impressed by them only being 2 on stage , and still rockin the crowd that were actually there waiting for Forro in the Dark. Because the Brazil brother boys just stepped in for a last minute unscheduled visit. Who else was there..hmm . well Ze Luis opened the evening with a really great set with his quartet. Ze Luis is sounding so good. I think he sound s a bit like Stanley Turrentine from those records he did in the 70's for the CTI label...some great records and Ze Luis and band have that vibe ...He used to play with Gilberto Gil , Caetano Veloso and pretty much everyone in brazil before he moved here my contribution starts and stops but i will be reporting more so check back in. Now back to reading news about this crazy world !!! lets send positive vibes !!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Documentary Film about Nublu

A documentary about Nublu, the music and the artists who surround its world. It was produced by a team of filmmakers from Greece for a TV show called "Music from around the World" and produced by Angeliki Aristomenopoulou. Features interview with Ilhan Ersahin, Otto, Mauro Refosco, Sylvia Gordon, Moby, and many more.

nublu from K! on Vimeo.