Thursday, March 31, 2011


After last nites grand party it almost felt impossible to start up another one . Especially in a cold drizzling nite here in the city where they said it might snow !! But Rich Medina , Nu-Mark and Greg Caz were beat battling all nite. Those guys are real dj musicians . Professional dj's is really something else. And to me especially dj's like this , who are always in search of something , not necessarily new but always in search of something in the library of music. Some dj's create their thing , perfect it and make their shows accordingly and other dj's are in constant search of mix matching the moment. Those three guys are definetly in the latter category ...

Underground Horns started off the nite with a real nice set and crowd. Those guys started off playing lots in subways ( thats where they got their name from) . They're starting to sound real good. Rock on !!

In the pics ..DJ Legend Rich Medina , Greg Caz and Aaron from Bastard Jazz, Nu Mark, Underground Horns and a flyer from Nublu Istanbul.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


To start off the nite , David Hershkovitz of the famed NYC only real fashion/art/downtown magazine called Paper mag , threw a hell of a party for Duran Duran for their new album. It was real cool to see this 30+ years in the biz band playing for a small and beautiful crowd . Duran Duran or Djuran Djuran as my friend Petar calls them sounded real good but the real winner was the party itself .

After the show we went downtown to home NUBLU . Where else? Nublu was hosting Forro in the Dark. As usual on wednesdays Nublu turns into Brazil madness , and we came right into a dancing crowd and it didn't stop til the wee hours....of the morning.

Mike Patton , Bday girl Norah Jones , Bebel Gilberto , Ze Luiz, vocalists Sasha Dobson and Gabriel Gordon , Miho from Cibo Matto , Beirut , Clark Gayton from Saturday Night Live , Trevor Dunn who just came from playing a nite of John Zorn's music at Lincoln Center and many others were there ....ohh yeeeee lets party ....and the world will change !!! let's do it !!!!
Change the world I mean...

peace out.

In the pics ...Norah Jones, Bebel Gilberto and Ze Luis, Simon le Bon , Petar stepping out of a fancy car,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tonite was Saladu Saladu's nite here at Nublu. He brought in 4 different bands that I don;t even know the names too . All were cool but his own performance was just great . He praised for peace in Libya and in Africa as a whole. He has the feel of Fela and for a moment he made it feel we were at the shrine Fela's own club.

Opening set of the nite was by Vana and his trio...smooth , intricate and elegant. Vana is the musical director and pianist with Ute Lemper. He is always playing somewhere around the globe ......last week he was the guest pianist with the Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton and his gang..

Monday, March 28, 2011


Avram Fefer's band played a nice long set tonite with a gang of great musicians. David Phelps on guitar, Ken Wessel( formerly or currently ? with Ornette Coleman ) on guitar as well. Todd Turkisher on percussion, and Avram on horns.

In the pics....Catiana , monday nite manager hanging out with Ricardo and Laura the Bartender. Dodo , our Dub dj stopped by as well...and a dark pic of the band . Alexis was the dj of the nite .

ohhh yeeeeeeee , we keep on rockin ....

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Moira and friends organized a wonderful benefit for Haiti with videos. films, live music and dj'ing. A nice crowd of people came out and some money was raised for the cause.

In the pic's you can see Kenny Wollesen jamming , percussion man from one of the bands.
Patricie Blanchard played as well and last pic is Greg Caz and Ron.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Love Trio was here tonite ...and rocked it til 4.10 am....we just couldnt stop....felt like that . The funny thing was that vocalist Gabriel Gordon was going to come up and sing a song that we just made for the Wax Poetic new cd. So Kenji the sound man put up a microphone on stage for him , and I guess other musiicnas seeing this mic thought somehow it was an opne mic nite or something so we ended having 8 different vocalists and rappers come up and do their thing . Marla Turner was one of them and she was great , then finally at 3.55 am Gabe came up and we premiered Good and Evil from the up and coming Wax Poetic album. So yes it did become a little Love Trio and Wax Poetic mixed up.

Here in the pic is great dj MKL and wonderful vocalist Aya , Fernanda and Lucia hanging out , Kenny Wollesen steeling some beers from the fridge , Klas Wikberg , Swedish producer who just finished the new Wax Poetic album and finally some Nublu late nite shots..

Tonite Haiti benefit and yes very soon Japan benefit .....see ya all tonite !!!!


This morning some of us woke up and went down to City Hall to demonstrate agaisnt the terrible terrible company Monsanto . Pleas all of you read what this company is doin to our food !!

join the fight !!!!

We had a sign saying " Don't shit where you eat " ....then after awhile Police told us we can't use that " shit" word in public so we had to fold up the banner. Oh well, at least we joined the protest and more to come .....

Friday, March 25, 2011

CALIBRO 35 !!!

This band visiting us from Italy is a very special band . They have a chemistry that makes this whole thing make total sense. Italians playing funky Italian soundtrack music 70's style. It just seems so natural for them to riff away with the esthetics of just that , Italian car chase music. I think they surprised everyone with being so tight and really having a show, although no bank -robber- stockings this time around. But yes they totally rocked the house , and we want them back !

Alex from Tokyo was spinnin' the nite away with his eclectic style of dj'ing . Not everyone knows how to dj by "playing the room" . I find that many dj's have their thing prepared and many times they seem to forget to play the energy of the nite and the room , but ye Alex always does this !

Here in the pic is the keyboard/sax/flute man from Calibro 35 Enrico , some peeps dancing , John Farris , the East Village poet who has been living in the neighborhood since 1958 stopped by to show us some of his latest drawings .

See ya all Saturday nite for Love Trio...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Forro in the Dark were on tonite , after a sudden hail storm brutally showered Manhattan . It made sense to make it even dancier than ever. They made the room into a steam room, literally , I saw men with completely wet t-shirts and their lady partners at the time didn't seem to mind a bit. Jorge was taking the mic lots last nite since Davi is still traveling . He is good !!! The sax and flute man Jorge Continentino comes from a family full of great musicians, his brothers Alberto and Kiko and their Father and Mother , I think everyone is pretty much right in there in the Brazilian musical tree. So , ye Jorge , keep on singing !

Mauro Refosco came running into the set from another show he just did with Devotchka , who are in town They are playing tonite as well at Highline Ballroom. Their new album "100 Lovers" sounds real good.
Mauro is this percussion man that plays with everyone. From David Byrne , Caetano Veloso, Bebel Gilberto to Thom Yorke. So ye Forro in the Dark every wednesday at Nublu !!!

This morning I woke up and went to Mogador to have breakfast and there ran into Flea ,the bassman from "Red Hot Chili Peppers", whom I met previosuly through Mauro Refosco while on tour with Thom Yorke's " Atoms for Peace" . I asked him to stop by Nublu since he's never been here. He said yee..

Tonite and tomorrow we have Nublu records' signed Italian cool cool band Calibro 35 ! They were just in Austin's SXSW and played at the magazine Wax Poetics showcase . They were apparently the only band that got an encore request . So yeah , stop by Tonite at 10 pm or tomorrow Friday at midnite and 2 am for some Funky Italian 70's carchase movie soundtrack music , but ofcourse their own music .

Ohhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........

Monday, March 21, 2011


There is nothing out there like Nublu Orchestra conducted by Butch Morris. Monday nite at Nublu Butch was masterful in his conduction . He made new music with us , really , music that never existed before in any shape. When our record came out 2 years ago we had quite a few concerts in Europe at that time. Now it's been awhile but we just got invited to play the Warzaw, Poland, jazzfestival june 20th in . Exciting indeed !...and we are recording a new record very very soon !

We have had 3 12" vinyls released out as well. With one side being original cuts and other side being remixes.....check them out if you haven't yet.


Saturday, March 19, 2011


The nite of the super moon. We all thought something might happen , something scary , but the nite was flowing and we dedicated the music to the moons....

Federico Aubele who will soon start touring his new record came by and is in the pic. Mehmet from the club Babylon , Istanbul ,visiting after 2 confusing overloaded days apparently in Austin's SXSW. Legendary bassman Juini booth was on bass since Jesse was away for the weekend. Juini has quite a history for all of you who doesn't know. He has pretty much played with everyone who matters in the jazz scene...since the late sixties Joe Henderson's big band to Freddie Hubbard , then Art Blakey and McCoy Tyner, then onto Sun ra and Steve Grossman and inbetween a member of the elite band ...Tony Williams' Life Time band. He has pretty much done it all .
Juini and Kenny Wollesen in the last pic.