Friday, May 06, 2011


Istanbul is probably the most active city there is right now. At least in terms of how many people are going out to eat and hang out in general. It's busy ...sometimes makes even NYC seem mellow.

And daytime ...with various people from Russia , Belarus , south Russia , Kazakhistan , Turkmenistan etc, Arabs, Eastern Europeans and now lots of Europeans in general , the city is boiling. I played this time around as Love Trio " version Istanbul " ( read in French !!) . This version is what i have done a few times now when Kenny Wollesen and Jesse Murphy are not around to complete the original Love Trio . I've been doing it with Berke and Feryin from the band 123. I forgot to take pics this time aroun d, I guess I was so up in the felt good !!!

A friend of mine just started up a new coffee brand called Selamlique. There was a very fancy opening for the brand , Istanbul style...

In the pic's ...friends having fun at Lucca, Nevzat and Ayse at Otto , Galata tower, Selamlique opening , Arto Tuncboyaciyan and the band 123.

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