Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today 5 records Iv'e done are coming out . The reason and story goes like this ....The first one here is brand new , called Afternoon in Rio, It's a psychadelic -moody , recorded in Rio , edited in NYC and mixed and mastered in Sa Paulo. I did this on one of my trailblazing trips in Brazil with Kenny Wollesen . It features the coolest new Brazilian artists. The second record here is Love Trio's first release titled "Just trying to spread some more love " This one as well as the next three were done a few years ago but has never been properly released because I signed some stupid contract a few years ago with another label that didn't let me release those until contract was over ... and now it is . So here you go, the record that sat the tone for Nublu. With guests Dj Logic , Marla Turner and Eddie Henderson.

Wax Poetic's first album , which was done in 1999 has the same story behind it . It was never properly released and since the song Angels with Norah Jones was licensed within that same contract we could never release this album as a whole until today ! This record also has Kurt Rosenwinkel, Marlon Browden , Arto Tuncboyaciyan , Eddie Henderson and more more on it .

The 4th record out today is a record I did with some great gypsy musicians from Istanbul , Husnu Senlendirici, Nuri Lekesizgoz, Mehmet Akatay , and my boys from here Matt Penman , Jochen Rueckert and Thor Madsen . It also features Nil Karaibrahimgil ( who after this record became a star in Turkey) Dilara Sakpinar who now is the lead singer of the band 123 in Istanbul and Bora Uzer , the very talented Istanbul vocalist/musician.

The last record that is out today is a record that was just released in Turkey for a brief period but now released here . It's a more jazzy toned album that features Brian Blade , Larry Grenadier, Jon Davis, Val and poet Saul Williams.

CHECK THEM OUT !!! They are all available now on itunes and ofcourse on our digital store you can find on www.nublu.net ...

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