Monday, May 16, 2011


For me, tonight was an almost epic experience . Hearing Andy spinn The Specials, some Lou Reed, some Stones , some Smiths , all very selected tracks.

So , ye , Andy in the house making the mood all his through Nublu and it felt right , all the way . "Mirror in the bathroom" by the Specials just brought back so many memories from that scene , The Clash , Madness, The Specials, Sex Pistols, Bad Manners, UB40 , all those bands I saw live in Stockholm early 80's. And then came the Smiths.....and here was the man tonight. Andy , thanks , let's play !

In the pic's ...Andy Rourke Trilogy , Byron ,who might change my life, and Petar , Dark but cool pic of Andy , Dodo , Petar and Byron , Petar as joker ( Byron said ; Petar you are a joker , Petar responded ; jokers had an important place in the King's court...)

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