Thursday, May 19, 2011


I went to see my friend Jose Gonzalez tonite at Bowery Ballroom . He performed there as Junip , which I believe is what he's performing as these days. They played Nublu jazzfest in Istanbul 2 months ago, was cool. While standing outside Bowery Ballroom , a NYC concert venue ,looking at the schedule , I just went wow, who are all those bands . Earlier in the day I also checked some summer festivals and I was again like , wow all those bands , where do they come from. I think this indie period we're in right now is fantastic in so many ways, but it also makes one feel a bit like; everyone is a musician and everyone is an artist. Sometimes a great thought but sometimes just feels weird when art is becoming so general in a way that it seems quality is secondary.

In the pic's , the beautiful songstress Vandana, Clark Gayton and his tuba, my friend Jose Gonzalez played at Bowery Ballroom as Junip , great DJ Alex from Tokyo, Buddha bar /Wonderwheel records producer Zeb.

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