Thursday, February 24, 2011

Im a blogger now !!!!

Friends , community , music lovers and nublu music people....i decided to start writing here to get away from only posting things and relying on facebook..etc...lets post things here from nice events and thoughts around the world...

so.. last nite at nublu was kinda crazay...bebel gilberto, eugene from gogol bordello,The brothers from Brazil which is Supla and his brother joao suplicy were all here. Those brothers have this crazy vierd party band . or rather duo where they punk out party songs...Eugene looked impressed by them only being 2 on stage , and still rockin the crowd that were actually there waiting for Forro in the Dark. Because the Brazil brother boys just stepped in for a last minute unscheduled visit. Who else was there..hmm . well Ze Luis opened the evening with a really great set with his quartet. Ze Luis is sounding so good. I think he sound s a bit like Stanley Turrentine from those records he did in the 70's for the CTI label...some great records and Ze Luis and band have that vibe ...He used to play with Gilberto Gil , Caetano Veloso and pretty much everyone in brazil before he moved here my contribution starts and stops but i will be reporting more so check back in. Now back to reading news about this crazy world !!! lets send positive vibes !!!

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