Friday, February 25, 2011

1 mo time !!!

the nite at nublu is not yet finished but i have now dedicated myself to write something daily ..or so, ... so heres my report.. The Brothers of Brazil did it one mo time here at Nublu . The band that was supposed to play , Bloomdaddies , canceled on me last nite or maybe we all messed up, but anyway they'll be here next today !!. I asked Supla and Joao last nite if they wanted to come and play since we didnt have a band scheduled due to the cancelation. So , they came by and did a set .. in front of not as many peeeps as last nite but there were some nice people there . a nice crowd with lots of girls actually with long legs and skinny tight jeans .. Sao Paulo style...there to check the Brothers of Brazil. I think they have a great show . Its actually funny !! Interesting when music is funny isn't it ? Ok then I went downsatirs to check out wazp , and kino , 9, was sitting there hanging out with Vladi. or Vlada or Vladee...a man with many variations of his name... check out his videos under the name DADALITES on youtube. Great photographer and great video shooting man !!

And 9 , or kino, he goes by both names , or perhaps a few more...but his band is called KiNo..and its a fabulous adventure collaborated with Jeff Blankensopp. a man who worked with Pink Floyd in the 70's on soundscapes . 9's band KiNo is in a very exciting moment I feel , ready to burst out with real lyrics and interesting song forms . He has a few websites of them is ....check that too. I will try post my 1st picture to this blog . lets see if I manage...its a photo from tonite of Supla and friend...What else..rainy here , freezing in Stockholm , warm in Rio, medium in istanbul, thats what I heard...and terrible terrible times in Libya....Let's make some good music !!!

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Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again รข€“ taking your RSS feeds also, Thanks.