Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clark Gayton's exploration in Dub..

I know this video is complete;y dark, I guess it is too dark for nublu and iphone to work together, but at least you'll hear Clark's Tuba ...this man and band is really truly rockin the house. Clark and the other guys in the band have played with who's who in the reggae/Dub scene and Clark has actually done that in many different scenes. Clark has played and is playing with Skatalites, Levon Helm , Bruce Springsteen , Sting , Liza Minneli, Mingus Big Band and the McCoy Tyner Big Band , he also sits in with the Saturday night Live band ..the TV show..Tonite Shawn Pelton from that band was here hanging and checkin the band . Im amazed how all those guys are so pro and still always when they play they play as they never play !! always exciting , always something to learn from .

And Clark with that Tuba ..he is as far as i know a great Trombone playa , but he can swing that Tuba as it was as easy..
Clark keeps on knockin that Dub/Ska sounds !! Fabio Morgera passed by saying he will be a father, congrats Fabio !!! Alex from Tokyo always spinns amazing sets , nice when dj's are really musical and they make the turntables into live instruments, Alex is one of those guys, and he was excited talking bout he is going to the Nublu Jazzfest in Istanbul, which we' re doin there march 4-12. We're using 3 venues this time around. Babylon , which is a big nice club with a great sound system, where we're doin 5 nites. Plus 9 nites at Nublu istanbul and 2 nites at Lucca, which is more of a Resatuarant/Lounge ...Babylon is a bigger club and Nublu Istanbul is kinda like the club here in NYC , nice and mellow where it can get bumpy at times..

What I really love about New York, I came to think about it right that today as an example was a regular friday , no holiday or special promoted event , just a nice regular friday nite at Nublu ...and I was not even that party on . just being mellow, but even at that stage I met today people from my home country Sweden, peeps from Buenos Aires, 2 gentleman from Nigeria ... friends of friends, 2 friends from Jamaica , 1 guy from Midwest , 1 guy from Greece ...isnt that amazing somehow, I think only in Manhattan , and one gets so used to this that its just the most normal thing til you start thinking about it . Dodo was there. our DUB dj on most Tuesdays dancing to Clark's Tuba rasta . She is also now working with Serge Becker , in his new Jamaican restaurant ...and her old Dub/Reggae covers are gracing the tables and walls over there I heard. havent been there yet , soon come...

peace out !!!

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