Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Butch Morris >> do you know him or of him?

The man who started the downtown scene, wether he got credit for it or not is I guess a " time will tell " situation , but Butch is a master , a true ninja masta. Basically the man knows what art is , it's not about liking art or not but knowing it is a whole different story. To be alert , to be in the moment , to be basically ahead of time itself but at the same time be just here . To be ready to invent things and ideas in a split second and turn them around and make it beautiful. Thats how I would describe it this morning the day after he conducted us as Nublu Orchestra ...there's just nothing like it out there...and it feels fresh ...in this karaoke time we're living in.

Here with photographer /film maker Burcu .

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