Sunday, July 03, 2011


Sorry for my absence..this week got lazy , and now rainy here in NYC. Tonite Sunday we're starting a series called indie jazz here at Nublu . People are talking about indie rock all the time , but I think there are a lot of people playing jazz in the city nowadays in a way that sounds like what i call indie jazz. It's a new shape somehow that's been brewing ofcourse for quite awhile , but It has a different attitude . I think this is what is going to bring jazz up to date in the end , or rather connect younger folks to what we all call jazz. As we all know, jazz is a big word. Probably the only labeled music style that spans almost 100 years , or even more. I guess classical music will go under this category as well.. Anyway , jazz has been relying too much on history and legends , I think , more than any other music form , even rock n roll. I guess it has to do with the mystique and the retro feeling that is always a curious and very active part of our society but music has to move on . Somehow we are programmed to always create new things and take the next steps , which art in general has been speeding through the years, but in many cases , such as jazz, it has been progressing very slow. Too slow I think , but as I said earlier it has to do with the retro thing that fascinates people so much. If you look at jazz festivals or itunes jazz page etc etc.. it's more about the oldies goldies feeling rather then what's cookin now.That's where the word jazz is becoming too big . Because for us indie jazz supporters , the supporters of new art rather than past art, we call this music jazz as well... Come check us !! Sunday Nites indie jazz series at Nublu.

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