Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hess is More signs to Nublu Records... Ssshhhh single out today!!

Danish sensation Mikkel Hess aka Hess is More is something like the Danish answer to both Jon Brion and teh Flight of the Conchords. Hess is a skillful singer, songwriter, composer and multi instrumentalist with an eclectic sense that encompasses pop, rock, disco, jazz and electronica. Hess also has a unique distinctly poppy sense of humor that is very appealing and inviting even though it's often filtered through quite a dark almost Lars von Trier outlook. Read more>>

The single (available digitally only) features the super infectious whistling song Ssshhhh including an extended version of it, the intergalactic pop song the Magic Invention from t.d.p.r.c. and a remix of Yess Boss by upcoming NYC producer Pocketknife.

The US debut album Hits will be released June 9th.

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